domingo, 25 de julio de 2010


so im gonna start a blog, about me becoming vegetarian :)

im a medicine student, i have an adorable boyfriend and love writing [wich doesnt mean i am any good at it] i decided to become vegetarian for many reasons, i had tought about in the past but never really had the balls to just do it until now :)

it has only been 2 weeks that im meat free but i do feel a bit better
im sad coz my mother [i live with my parents] doesnt seem to like the idea that much i really dont know why she is so against it and every time i make new vegetarian meals whe wont even taste them ... [ok they dont always come out good but still]
the worst part is that she has health problems and i believe that a vegetarian diet could do wonders for her, but if she wont try it its her own problem.

well, thanks for reading

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