martes, 27 de julio de 2010

bad idea

i will give up to try new recipes if i not have all of the ingredients and i will stop making up substitutes that i don't even know that would work. Complete disaster today.

Only good thing is that i made bulgur wheat with dried cranberries for my sis [she had already ate soo i already have lunch tomorrow] and came out good

i also made some caramel popcorn that was good and my mom loveeeed :D
and made a ranch jalapeño thing that came out too spicy :S but otherwise good

not much done today i was hoping to find stuff to do when i'm at school already coz i wont have any time for cooking for now i only have the pizza pockets [made with broccoli and cheese sauce] that i froze i guess i could keep doing that with different ingredients each time and maybe bigger for a more fulfilling meal, i guess thats ok... and frozen yogurt cups pre made [in case im late in the morning]
anddd take lots of fruits with me all the time so i can eat in between so i don't end up eating junk food just coz i cant eat a burrito [bean burritos gross me out]

i should star meal planning but im not relaly good at it

lets see what the kitchen holds up for me tomorrow :)

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